Lastest hair color fashion in2016

There is never a dull moment when it comes to hair fashion color. Fashion trends can originate from celebrities, runways or even from an ordinary person on the street. 2015 was an exciting year for hair stylists with all kinds of hair colors taking center stage. Brondes and shaggy pink hair were the most popular hair fashions. 2016 promises to be another exciting year in hair fashion and some trends are already emerging. The following are the most popular trends that will most likely stick in 2016 and beyond.

1. The bob cut
The bob cut is poised to be a huge hair fashion this year thanks to its versatility. Experts observe that this trend never grows old since it is not only easy to pull off but it is also suitable for different styles. You can choose to have it straight, tightly coiled or wavy.

2. Natural colored hair
2015 saw women experiment with all kinds of bright colors. Standing out of the crowd seemed to be the main motivation. This trend is slowly dying a natural death in 2016. Instead of dying hair with screaming colors, women are now going all natural. Natural and healthy looking hair is the new big thing.

3. Statement Parts
There is probably no better way of achieving the young look than using statement parts. Depending on personal preference, statement parts can be either centered or on the right or left side. One reason why the trend is catching on is because they can be used on almost any length of hair — and they look good on all hair colors too!
curls and long hair
4. Curls
Since 2016 will be big on natural hair color, hair stylists will look for other ways of making hair stylish. Curling of the hair is one way the stylists will use to embrace and enhance the natural hair colors and textures. If you go for this look, you must be ready to start using different products to sustain it. For instance, you might need dryers to dry your hair.

5. Long hair
Whether slicked back, embellished, worn down or pulled up hair, long hair is another trend to watch this year. This summer, celebrities and runway models had all kinds of hair fashions — but one striking similarity in most of them was the long hair. One of the advantages of long hair is you can style it differently every morning to get a new fresh look everyday- without the help of your hairdresser. Short hair was huge in 2015 but the trend is fading off. In 2016, women will let their hair grow big enough to feed their shoulders.
Victoria secrets' waves
6. Victoria secrets’ waves
Victoria secrets’ waves is the new way to go blonde. Texture is turning out to be just as important as hair color. Waves give your head an almost poetic look when you are on the beach but even more importantly, they are perfect for complementing and flaunting your face. This year has enough hair fashion trends to make everyone happy. Granted, we may not all look great in certain fashions but you can take your pick from any of these trends that best works for you.