4 Tips For a Better Head Of Hair

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How often do you see a woman on television and think ‘wow, I’d love to have hair like that!’? Its so easy to get caught up in believing that only celebrities and actresses have great hair, and they should! They have full teams of stylists to make them look camera-ready at all times. But its not impossible to have great hair all on your own, without the expense of hiring your own personal hairstylist. Women who have great hair, have healthy hair. The newest trend in healthy hair habits is to treat it with oil. The most talked about oil to use right now is coconut oil, and for good reason. Using a small amount of coconut oil on the ends of your hair before styling will reduce friction, breakage, and strain on your ends. Too many split ends can cause your hair to look dry and brittle. Using coconut oil daily will keep your hair from splitting, resulting in a healthier overall look to your locks. Another secret to having great hair; wear a silk scarf to bed.

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Remember Aunt Jemima? Rosie The Riveter? Lucille Ball? They’re icons known for having their hair up in scarves and bandanna. While scarves and bandannas are certainly cute when worn right, they serve a purpose in keeping your hair gorgeous for longer. A silk scarf will, again, reduce friction on your hair and it will lower your chance of frizz, tangles, and breakage. Wearing a scarf will also hold in the natural oils your hair creates, as well as hold in your own body heat. This will provide just enough warmth to smooth out frizz and keep your hair from tangling while you sleep. You can choose to wear a bandanna or scarf during the day when you’re just too tired to mess with fixing your hair, you can leave your bangs out or create a small front bouffant/pouf and hide the rest of your hair under the fabric. It will give the illusion of a lot of effort and it looks very retro and vintage. You’ll look like you’ve got fabulous hair instead of bed head.

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The third secret to gorgeous, healthy hair? Inverted massages. It sounds silly, I know. But because we spend the majority of our lives with our head up and our feet on the ground, our blood flow is not as circulated in our scalp and hair follicles. If you spend 60 seconds a day upside down while massaging your scalp, you increase the circulation, thereby creating shinier, longer, and stronger hair from the roots. Now, unless you’re an expert yogi or gymnast, no one recommends you do a one-handed handstand while massaging your hair. But just bend at the waist and count to 60- no longer than that. It wont do much good after the first minute and you’ll only make yourself dizzy. Girls who have tried this method typically experience rapid hair growth and some have reported their hair became thicker after a week.
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The last tip for keeping your hair looking great is cold water. Hair is prone to break and snap when wet. This is why most stylists tell you to let your hair dry as much as possible before brushing to prevent damage. It’s also recommended to use as little heat as possible when styling but what is often overlooked is the heat of a shower. A steamy, hot shower feels great after a stressful day but it only causes more stress on your hair. Just like how your skin’s pores open under hot temperatures and close under cold, your hair does essentially the same thing. If you wash your hair in too-hot water, you run the risk of collapsing your hair strand structure. Cold water tightens up the strand and keeps it from stretching or snapping under force. If you’re adamant about taking a hot shower, at least remember to rinse your hair under cold water when you’re finished. This will not only keep your hair from breaking as easily, but it will also add shine.

Changing these four things about your daily routine are guaranteed to improve the quality of your hair. You’ll be able to go longer between cuts, have stronger strands for easier styling, lose less of it down your drains, and begin to know you have hair just as good as anyone on the red carpet. After a week of making these changes, you’ll be the one that gets recognized for having great hair.